How to survive:

After 75 years of independence, we are going to be a developed country, as our visionary leader says. To be the developed country and vision of MAKE IN INDIA, every industry grows also city expands beyond imagination, but at the same time we need to think about the biggest asset of India and that is human life. Life has more value than anything, and we have already seen in the past the numerous lives we have lost due to fire accidents and other disasters.

Do we think that everybody deserves one chance to live? If yes, then it is our responsibility to teach them how one can get that chance. In past years we learned how to live, but here we came to educate ourselves on how to survive because it is more important that we at least know how to survive in case of any critical situation.
We want to bring about change with awareness.

What we are doing:

More awareness of fire safety is needed. This needs to be established primarily through Community Fire Safety projects, such as awareness campaigns and many more.