Sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to keep your buildings safe from fire. Not all fire sprinkler systems are made equal. There are many different kinds of fire sprinkler systems and sprinkler heads that can be used with them. Depending on the area you want to protect, the type of sprinkler head you use may be different. Some of the most common types of sprinkler heads are:

  • Pendents:- This type of fire sprinkler head is the most common. A sprinkler head in the shape of a pendant hangs from pipes near the ceiling. Pendent sprinklers remain visible after installation. This type of sprinkler head has a convex, circular, gapped deflector plate that spreads water out in a conical pattern.
  • Concealed Pendents:– Places that need fire sprinklers but want them to look nice do not show the heads. This kind of sprinkler head is built into the ceiling and has a decorative cap on top. The decorative caps are made to fall off when the room temperature drops 20 degrees below the sprinkler’s activation temperature so that the water can flow freely.
  • Upright:- The sprinkler heads are straight up and point to the ceiling. This type of sprinkler head has deflectors that are bent down to spray water in a hemispherical pattern. Straight sprinkler heads work well in places where there are obstacles, open ceilings, or places that are hard to reach, like beams and ducts.
  • Sidewall:– Sprinkler heads on the side of a wall are called sidewall sprinkler heads. This type of sprinkler head has only half of a deflector and sprays water in a half circle. Sidewall sprinkler heads are put in small rooms, hallways, and other places where the fire sprinkler pipes go up the walls.

Which Fire Sprinkler Head is Right for You?
Talk to a fire protection expert if you want to figure out which type of fire sprinkler head would work best for your situation. They can help you figure out which sprinkler head will protect your application the best.

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