Protecting the environment from harm is very important. One way to make the environment cleaner is to use green fire protection that saves water, doesn’t use ozone-depleting chemicals, and gets LEED credits for fire protection systems.

Reducing Water Waste

Everyone can help make the environment greener by cutting down on how much water they use. This is also true for fire safety systems.

Did you know that fire sprinklers use about 90% less water than a fire department hose to put out a fire? This means that sprinklers use less water than buildings without sprinklers to put out a fire.
There are other ways to protect against fires that use less water than fire sprinklers. Water mist systems use small drops of water to put out a fire. They use less water than traditional fire sprinklers to do this. Some systems for putting out fires don’t use water at all. Instead, they use gaseous agents that don’t hurt the environment.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

A gas is used to put out a fire in a clean agent fire suppression system. Some clean agent systems are:

  • FM 200,
  • Novec 1230,
  • Halon 1301.
  • Inergen

These systems use gases that don’t do any harm to the environment or the ozone when they are released. These systems are a great replacement for fire protection systems that use water.

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