Fire alarm and mass notification systems are an important part of the life safety plan for any industrial building. There are many things that can cause fires in industrial buildings, such as flammable materials and the way things are made. When there’s a fire in an industrial building, people can get out faster and safer if there are fire alarms and a system for telling everyone about it.

Networked Fire Alarm Systems for Industrial Applications

Large industrial buildings often have networked fire alarm systems with many fire alarm control panels that can talk to each other. Each panel has control over the area it is keeping an eye on, but the whole system can be seen from one central place.

Some advantages of alarm systems that are linked together are:

  • Better survivability—if one panel goes down, the others can still talk to each other.
  • Can be integrated with your mass notification system.
  • Lower cost of central monitoring.
  • Centralized network dashboard.
  • Provides logging and reports.

Benefits of Mass Notification Systems
Mass notification systems could help a lot with a lot of big applications. A mass notification system sends messages to all employees and the public to let them know about an emergency. When a mass notification system is linked to a fire alarm system, it can send voice, SMS, or push notifications to everyone in a large industrial complex to let them know there is a fire. Natural disasters, gas leaks, active shooter situations, and other things can also be used to send out alerts.

Some advantages of sending out a mass message are:

  • Speed up response times in an emergency
  • Simplify communication
  • Save lives
  • Eliminates human error by being pre-programmed for specific events
  • Lets you talk to employees who aren’t on site
  • Gives real-time instructions, reports, and help

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