Special hazard fire suppression systems go beyond traditional fire sprinkler systems to provide fire protection in commercial and industrial facilities.

Why Special Hazards Systems?
In places where water-based sprinkler systems aren’t enough to protect against fires, special hazards fire protection systems are put in place.

In high-risk places, special systems are often needed to quickly find and put out fires to save lives and property. These systems are made to protect high-value assets and processes and keep downtime to a minimum.

Common Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems
There are many different types of special hazard fire suppression systems used to protect buildings, such as:

  • FM-200:- is a type of fire protection that puts out fires quickly. It is good for the environment, safe for people to be in, has no color, doesn’t need to be cleaned up, and cuts down on downtime after a fire.
  • Noves 1230:- This system is very good at keeping important documents and electronics safe from fire. It is a clean agent fire suppressant that puts out a fire in seconds, doesn’t leave any residue, and doesn’t conduct electricity.
  • Intergern:- This highly effective gaseous fire suppression system puts out fires by mixing nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.
  • Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR):- systems are replacing in-rack sprinkler systems in warehouses to protect storage that is high up.
  • Foam Fire Suppression:- Foam fire suppression systems are often used to protect areas with a high risk of fire, like aircraft hangars.
  • Deluge Systems:- A deluge system is a great way to keep dangerous areas safe. In a deluge system, all of the sprinkler heads are open and water or another agent is released through all of them at the same time. This creates a total flood that puts out the fire.
  • CO2 Fire Suppression:- This system uses CO2 to lower the amount of oxygen in the air to a point where fire can’t start. CO2 systems put out fires quickly and don’t need to be cleaned up.

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