There are fire protection systems in many places to keep people safe in case of a fire. Most of the time, installing a traditional fire sprinkler system in a building is enough to protect the whole building and everything inside it from fire. But there may be times when a system or piece of equipment needs a dedicated fire protection system that is built and put in place.

A Specialized Fire Suppression System

If you lose a valuable piece of equipment, it could put your business out of business or at least shut it down for a while. If a fire destroys your equipment you could lose money due to:

  • How much it would cost to replace the pricey equipment
  • The cost of equipment downtime when it’s not working

Because of this, it is very important to have a fire suppression system in place that is made to protect the equipment you are using. The following items need their own fire suppression system:

  • Industrial machinery
  • MRI machines
  • Heavy equipment
  • NDT equipment
  • Steel pickling machinery

Suppression, Detection & Extinguishers

You should only want the best systems to protect your valuable assets and processes. The best level of protection comes from having a fire suppression system, an early detection system, and fire extinguishers all together. Installing fire sprinklers is not enough because:

  • Fire sprinklers can damage sensitive equipment
  • Early detection systems can find a fire before it even starts, preventing huge damage
  • Suppression systems act quickly to put out or contain a fire so it doesn’t spread to other valuable equipment

Clean agent systems, CO2 suppression, and dry chemical systems are good examples of fire suppression systems that often work well to put out fires without damaging valuable equipment or processes.

Some original equipment manufacturers will include a fire suppression system with the piece of equipment. This is a great option because you won’t have to worry about hiring a fire protection contractor to install a system for you. But if your equipment doesn’t have a suppression system built in, a fire protection contractor can design a system that works best for your needs.

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