It can be hard to tell the differences between fire protection systems. Both water mist and deluge systems are often used to fight fires in a wide range of buildings. Depending on what you want to do, one system might be better than another.

What is Water Mist System?
A water mist system puts out a fire with small drops of water. These systems work very well because the tiny droplets of water can cool the flame and take away the oxygen that a fire needs to burn. As the droplets heat up, they evaporate, which also helps to absorb heat. Most water mist systems use less water than traditional water mist systems and a lot less water than deluge systems.

What is a Deluge System?
A deluge system is a type of sprinkler system that is used in places where there is a high risk of danger. All of the sprinkler heads are open in a deluge system. When a fire is found, water flows through all the sprinkler heads to flood the area. When a deluge system is not in use, the pipes are empty. The water is held back until the system is turned on by a deluge valve. The point of a deluge system is to put out fires quickly.

Factors to Think About When Choosing

  • Water Supply:-A fire protection system that uses a deluge needs a lot more water than one that uses a water mist. If you don’t have enough water for your application, you might want to use a water mist system instead of a deluge system.
  • Water Damage:- When it turns on, a deluge system can cause flooding, which can damage expensive equipment or assets. Water mist systems use very small drops of water to put out a fire. This means that there isn’t much water damage.
  • Fire Hazards Present:- If you have a high-risk application, you might want to think about getting a deluge system. Because of how much water is used, deluge systems can be better at putting out fires and reducing the size of them. They also help keep a fire from starting up again on wet surfaces.
  • Cost:- Mist systems can be more expensive than deluge systems because they need a high-pressure pump and other special equipment to make the mist. This gear may cost more than a deluge system. But when water needs to be contained and cleaned, a deluge system can be more expensive than a water mist system.

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